The Political Economy of Everything


I already run two blogs, Faith is a Martial Art and Disinterested Interpreter. The first is for blogs relating the Christian fight of faith to my martial art, Aikido. The second was supposed to be dedicated to observations and events I notice while I go about daily life. However, it fell off-track several times and accidentally dragged some research articles into the mix.

I want to give the readers of each of my blogs consistent content, and so this blog will now be dedicated to research articles on political economy, international relations, nation-building, culture and arts, and anything else requiring extensive research. The starting point for every blog is how it relates to the Philippines, in whatever capacity.

This blog is called The Political Economy of Everything because political economy touches every part of daily life. Political economy here is one term, describing the inseparable relationship between balances of power, and the movement of resources.

However, in this blog, I hold an awareness of political economy as I write, rather than defining terms and explaining concepts. Political economy is more of my research training, and the perspective I use to understand the world. However, it relates to practically everything in history and daily life, which I hope will come out in the blogs.




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